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A New Year, a new website – Is it time to redesign your website?

At new year we always hear about fresh starts. Time for a diet or more exercise and improvements in your life! These are great ideas, but the new year is also a good time to think about your redesigning business website.

People often worry about the cost of changing their website to being mobile friendly and up to date with the latest design trends and knowledge of SEO. Online marketing with Facebook and Twitter may seem more achievable than improving your website, so it is often put off in favour of other online marketing. The internet is always changing, and yesterdays website may not work so well for you in 2017.

How long will my website last?

You should assume 2-3 years will keep your website looking “fresh” but after that it will quickly start to look tired. Behind the scenes the code will be dated and not work so well in Google. You will be missing opportunities with new web technology, pages that load quicker and perform better in Google.

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