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The brand has a strong use of black and white imagery with a distinctive rectangle of transparent brand colour reinforces the brand throughout this design. Clean simple imagery, offset on white backgrounds reflects the clean and clear approach of the company philosophy and creates a distinctive and original look.
The rectangular blocks and squared edges taken from the original logo graphic style.

The images have been chosen to be positive and represent personal emotions which is also highlighted by the transparent colour layer.

Photography representing human feelings and individual experience which has a strong emotional impact by using faces and expressions to create a personal connection and to reflect the brands caring and individualist approach to clients.
Services: Brand Design, Graphic Design including Popup banners, Leaflets, Outdoor advertising, Marketing materials.

I approached Burnett Design because I had seen examples of other professional services firms which used Burnett Design’s input to send out professional corporate literature. I wanted our brand to be reflected in the best possible way at one of the first points of contacts for many – email.

Burnett Design helped me by giving our brand fresh impetus and a brand new look but keeping it recognisable with the existing values of the firm.

The result was literature that we can be proud to send out knowing it looks professional and reflects the high standards we pride ourselves upon as a firm.

One thing I liked was their rebrand. It was an evolution not revolution of our brand. It simply accentuated the strengths of our brand and created us a better first impression with clients via email.

I found the experience very easy from start to finish. Once the initial ‘feel’ of our brand was agreed upon it was simply a case of fine tuning the wording and how the documents were to be sent out to clients.

I would recommend Burnett Design to companies who need tailored literature updating or want to have the input into how their brand could be refined and improved.

Andy Boyde – Employment Law Solicitor
Consilia Legal


Branding, Graphic Design